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    Earnings are in the internet

    It can become your base pay

    So! Ladies and gentlemen! We present to Your attention of LETITBIT.NET - one of the best and profitable keepers of files to date. A price for 1000 unique flush-offs is varied from 5$ to 15$ - depending on quality of traffic (in other words - what countries Your files rock from). Letitbit especially suborns that suitable on entire countries of the world. So, read and use:

    The first action is registration. Passing on THIS REFERENCE you will get on the page of registration of .

    Further on it is necessary to fill only three fields:

    1. To think of to itself a login (name of registration record, on which you will identify in the system)
    2. To think of a password to the login (better no less than 6 signs)
    3. To specify the address of the e-mail (it is not recommended to specify the invented addresses of e-mail, if you in one wonderful moment will forget a password or login from Your profile, then to deport Your information service will be able only on e-mail, which was indicated during registration)

    An action is second - load a file(s)

    Service of gives two sets of tools for that, what to load Your files:

    1. Through a form on a main page. (Before it not forget to identify itself, entering in the profile.) By simple clique on the button "Review" or "Browse" you choose a file which want to load on service. We push button or "Upload" to "Load", and wait while a file Your will not be loaded on server-server of Letitbit (it is not recommended to use this type of loading of files if size which it will be more than 10 - 15 megabyte, because in this case to get files, at the sudden precipice of line, will not be succeeded).

    2. FTP is loading. FTP is protocol of transmission of files. For that, what to begin to inundate files through FTP, the special program which will help to unite with our server-server is needed. (them a not conceivable great number roams in a network, are requiring payment and are free of charge. What to use to you - to decide only to you. For example: Total Commander, Filezilla, CUTEFTP and other)
    There is a great number of tuning in any of the programs, marks, buttons, menu...., but not frightened for that, what to get steady connections enough all 4 parameters:

    First two - it your the login with a password, second two is a host (address of server) and port. (Because Letitbit has enough servers, and amount them constantly increased to write everything I will not be, will make a simply working example, information about other will find in itself type on a site.) First - it and there is a host of the first server which you can use. Port: 21 (what superfluous time not to torment your heads superfluous information, to explain that it will not be, because it is not important in this aspect).
    And so for that, what to use FTP loading is necessary you. program(FTP manager), login, password, host(address of server), and port (on:21). After connection with a server, begin to load Your file(s), after completion of loading of files, Refs.s and information about a file(ah) to appear in your type on our site.

    I turn Your the attention on that for earnings on Letitbit a size of the begun to swing file must be no less than 5 Mb.

    An action is third.

    Remained only to attract persons interested to get Your files from the server-servers of on those Refs.s which were got after loading of files. The simplest and faithful result is to place Refs.s on the own sites, if such are present certainly. Possibility is second, to lay out Refs.s on stranger sites, if such option for them is present (all information about the rules of placing of news it is possible to find HERE). Variant three are forums and blogs. That there where those, who able to get Your files are. What more detailed there will be file description the more visitors you will bring over to the Refs.s, and, accordingly, the more money you will be able to begin to work.
    Earnings and payments
    Service pays for the unique loading of Your file, for unique everybody which got a file. Service of pays for flush-offs visitors from countries of the whole world. Also cash 25 percents from earnings each attracted webmaster. A calculation is conducted 15 numbers of every month (if this number falls out on a weekend, means a working day in subsequent). If your earned incomes will be required you quickly, then at the instance of their will pay to you before. Payments will be produced through the system of on-line calculations - WebMoney. Minimum sum to payment only 5$.

    It is necessary, that you must do - it to load a file on and to place got unique URL of file on the pages of your site, forum or to send to the friends on e-mail.

    P.S not forget to be registered!!!

    #  Any persons interested can work together with us.

    #  We pay to you money for the unique loadings of your files

    #  Price for 1000 unique flush-offs, varied, from 5$ to 15$ - depending on quality of traffic (visitors)

    # Payments are produced on requests. During two workings days from the moment of query. Leaving a request is possible on the page of payments. Minimum sum of query 5 WMZ.

    #  Payments will be produced through the system of on-line calculations - WebMoney, PayPal. Ahora, con mini credito online, todo és mucho más fácil.

    Earnings are in the internet © 2024